Asheville Percussion Festival is being held June 15-21, 2015 in beautiful Asheville, NC. Come enjoy a creative environment where percussionists and dancers of all traditions, from around the globe, gather to explore, create and innovate. All workshops on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be held at the Odyssey Community School.

APF 2012 Highlights...featuring: Jamey Haddad, River Guerguerian, Rohan Krishnamurthy, Jeff Sipe, David Cossin, Raquy Danziger, Matthew Richmond, Michael Lipsey, Adama Dembele, Adam Maalouf, Justin Ahiyon, Christy Clavio, Zabumba, Eliot Wadopian, Lisa Zahiya, John Vorus, John Driscoll, & Jonathan Scales. Video By Raven Tenderfoot

Seven Tambourines Composed by River Guerguerian Featuring Jamey Haddad, Raquy Danzinger, Rohan Krishnamurthy, Michael Lipsey, Matthew Richmond, Adam Maalouf, Jeff Sipe, Chris Rosser, Billy Cardine, River Guerguerian, Eliot Wadopian, David Cossin, Justin Ahiyon Asheville Percussion Festival Masters Concert June 9, 2012

Asheville Percussion Festival 2013 Meinl Conga Demo. Dr. Juan Álamo is an internationally known performer, composer, and educator. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music, and Master of Music and Doctor of Musical Arts degrees with Jazz as related field from the University of North Texas.

Asheville Percussion Festival Solo Concert June 9, 2012 Asheville, NC Featuring Jamey Haddad, Raquy Danzinger, River Guerguerian and Adam Maalouf.